Nadia's Platform

Racial Equity

St. Louis Park is a diverse community that welcomes, encourages and supports individuals who desire to work and live here. Yet the city can always do more. I believe SLP can create more events and spaces where people from every background can feel welcomed and accepted. This can be achieved through collaboration and proper leadership from our neighborhood associations. Like Maya Angelou said, "nobody but nobody can make it out here alone." We're in this together.

Affordable Housing

Today's housing crisis has made it nearly impossible for low-income families to buy, or even rent, a house in St. Louis Park. And when housing is expensive, gentrification becomes a problem. That's why I support affordable housing — one of the most effective ways to stop gentrification and end the cycle of poverty. In order for SLP to remain diverse, city investments are needed to sustain public housing. 

Youth Engagement

To reach their full potential, youth need more pathways to learn, develop and participate in their communities. The effects of disconnected youth show up in many forms throughout our society. As a fairly recent graduate, I believe our community needs to collaborate with young people on the issues that most matter and most affect them. 

Climate Action

I am just going to come out and say it: climate change is real. And global warming is real. That's why it's essential for St. Louis Park to take proactive measures to curb the effects of climate change, protect the city’s natural resources, and ensure the quality of our air, water and land for current and future generations. Climate change cannot be our legacy.


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